(part one of a four-part series on expansion)

We naturally focus from our body’s frontal, or anterior, plane. The bulk of how we exist, engage, sense and interact naturally and logically occurs from this perspective. Nifty things like eyes, mouths, faces and limb orientation might have something to do with it.

With today’s lifestyle it’s no wonder our bodies and minds can get a bit cramped. Us corporate types can sit desk-bound for hours on a deadline whilst tradies like my husband spend the day bent over in weird positions troubleshooting and fixing. As a mum, life feels like its in a perpetual forward bending motion. Add to that time spent commuting, hunched over devices and books plus all the leaning in for the good stuff like a cup of tea with a friend, hugs, cuddles and very important toddler conversations and the front body works overtime.

As yoga practitioners our first impulse is often to counter the forward hunching with back-bending. But what if we started this lengthening and un-scrunching with a more subtle approach? Months of parenting and lugging her highness around have been the perfect yoga lab to test out some different techniques, and I believe our side bodies hold the key to the natural expansion we desire. Come join me Tuesday as we test this hypothesis out together.

We’ll build the foundation on expansion with deliciously simple side bends and rhythmic lateral motion incorporated into basic postures. We’ll also play with modifications and twists that strengthen the connection to our entire periphery. Your body will sing thanks to small tweaks that are easy to incorporate into your home practice.

Once we slip into relaxation and meditation you’ll be attuned to those natural waves emanating, giving a pleasant soft focus point for our closing meditation on the crown. When you walk out of class, my hope is that you feel a natural lengthening and expansion radiating from your beautiful being.

For those of you tuned into the blog, I’ll share a few tips with you later in the week.

Over the next four weeks we’ll look how we can use yoga to bring greater space and openness to our bodies. Please join us tonight at Sevenergy, 7pm for this small suite of classes on expansion, I’d love to see you on the mat.

Yoga on, lovelies. x