eye of stormThe “schedule,” as I loosely call it these days, was more akimbo than usual last week thanks to hubby’s and my work commitments. By the time Saturday arrived I was in a mildly catatonic state. Though I accept the occasional flux, the hectic pace served as a reminder that guarding my time and interests within reason isn’t an option. Though another demanding week awaits, I’m going to be more vigilant about boundaries that free me up for running, yoga practice, meditation and creative time. Without my beloved outlets, I become sub-par at everything else.

Given the nature of this beast we call modern life, how can you restore and resettle when obligations rev to full throttle? We all run into encounters where a simple, “All righty folks, this is fun but I really need to slip away for a little me time” won’t fly.

What can we do when demands press and life starts to feel a little more whirly, stormy and unstable than desired? I reckon it has something to do with reconnecting to the centre, and there are surprisingly simple ways to do this.

So where is the, or more appropriately, your centre? It’s where your unique energy emanates from. When you reside in this place, it enables you to maintain stability and ride the waves of whatever life throws your way. Whether it be demanding work schedules, the big important race or presentation, the pivotal game, a tense conversation that needs to happen, snatching the toddler from dangerous heights on a distressingly regular basis or a glorious melange of all the above, residing fully in your centre fortifies you to absorb, ride, decide and live from an authentic and powerful position.

In Tuesday’s class at Sevenergy, we’ll explore reacquainting with your centre through a series of asanas that help you discover, challenge and restore. We’ll finish off with a meditation I devised that will recharge your body and spirit so you can handle life’s turbulent times, empowering you to confidently circle into the eye of any storm.

For the beautiful blog readers, what are your thoughts on this idea of the centre? Where is it for you? How does life feel when you firmly plug into that place, and what can you do to reconnect when there’s a short circuit?

Well gorgeous people, I hope to see some of you on the mat this Tuesday in South Freo, and don’t forget about the winter special, where you can yoga your way to a private session with me. Keep yoga-ing on and stay healthy! ~Ange