With sincere appreciation, some yoga love from some beautiful people:

I attended yoga classes at the Nest on Silas regularly throughout my pregnancy and found the instructors to be absolutely brilliant in their knowledge, tips and advice for getting body and soul in the best shape for birthing.
I gave birth to a beautiful boy last week and honestly feel the prenatal yoga gave me the strength and knowledge needed to believe in myself and have the most wonderful natural labour experience I could have wished for.
S. Tebay – Prenatal @ the Nest on Silas, October 2015

Your session hit all the right spots and was one of the best classes I’ve ever had – there were a couple poses we did that I’d never experienced before and the relaxation at the end of class was heaven. I’ll definitely be trying to get in every Saturday that I can!
K. Zanich – East Fremantle – Prenatal @ the Nest on Silas, February 2015

I loved the prenatal yoga classes at The Nest with you, Kim and Michelle and it definitely helped me be fit and feel confident in my body in preparation for birth. I am sure my fitness level during pregnancy is helping my recovery now.
L. Bourguet – Hilton – Prenatal @ the Nest on Silas, June 2015

I’ve tried different types of yoga and I really enjoy vinyasa – Angie you’ve been a wonderful teacher, I used to attend yoga on and off for years but I finally got into a consistent practice with you and now I’ll never go back. I’ve learnt so much about my body and breath; I’m a different person to the one that first came to your class.
E. Muzinic, Fremantle – Vinyasa

Angie is a fantastic teacher, I love the structure of her classes. She is also warm and engaging.
L. McKnight, Coolbellup – Vinyasa