Prenatal – currently on offer! see schedule Designed for all stages of pregnancy, these classes, which are gentle vinayasa inspired, allow students to connect with their babies and ever-changing bodies. Special focus is paid to calming the mind, preparing for birth and coping with the challenges and triumphs as you move towards motherhood. Posture modifications are offered based on your pregnancy stage, while extra attention is given to meditation and relaxation.

Swell Retreats presents the Prenatal Day Escape @ A Place to Just Be in East Fremantle on 22 May from 9 – 4:30
Belinda, of Elevate Kinesiology, and Ange, from soma wellbeing, have joined mamma forces to bring you a day of delicious food, amazing restorative and uplifting experiences, as well as plenty of inspiration from pregnancy and healthcare experts. Connect with like-minded mammas and their womb buddies as you prepare to welcome your newest family member to the world. Stay up to date on latest developments by following us on Facebook.

Postnatal Mums & Bubs –  Well congratulations – you made a baby and the little soul is here! These sessions are focused on birth recovery, bringing strength and vitality to your body and soothing the aches and strains of early motherhood. We explore mindfulness techniques that allow you to yoga with your babe and incorporate sensory play into class for the wee ones.

Yoga and Meditation A gentler, vinayasa-inspired yoga session that concludes with yummy, restorative relaxation and meditation practices. This class is perfect for busy, active people who need to focus, recharge and unwind. This class is suitable for all levels and will help you develop a regular meditation practice.

Vinyasa Flow A creative yoga practice where breath is linked with movement, building heat, blood flow and breath rate. Regular attendance will help you develop muscle, concentration and stamina. Be prepared to sweat, work with your limits and finish feeling fabulous.

Corporate From desk jockeys to tradies, we all become familiar with the aches and pains of our livelihood. Gather a group of workmates and allow Angie to design a customised yoga promgramme that will keep the gang in the work-day groove. Minimum eight-class commitment.

Private Sessions/Small Groups Do you find yourself pondering the same questions in the same postures during your regular yoga classes? Do you want to build strength or learn how to modify your practice for a special condition? Or do you and a group of a few friends want the luxury of an on-location, more private yoga practice that suits your busy schedule? One-on-one classes are the perfect way to explore yoga with a more individualised approach. Angie will take special care and attention to make sure you are getting the most out of this worthwhile investment. Minimum 5-class commitment for indiviudals, 8-classes for small groups. Includes a one-hour assessment interview.