Music, songs, and chanting are all powerful tonics to add to your yoga or meditation practice. Seventeen years into yoga and swapping musical faves with yogis and repeatedly approaching fellow teachers I have built my list of go-tos for those times a bit of music is a must for practice enhancement.

As an aside, if you can get yourself to a sound healing or a yoga class with live music and sound healing, hello amazing body bliss! I’m thrilled to see so many options to integrate modalities that take into account the full sensory experience of our bodies, and it’s another one to add to my bucket list of “more stuff I would like to learn”.

You bliss'n like me bub?

You bliss’n like me bub?

For the pregnant mammas, music is a lovely thing to incorporate into your practice whilst bub is womb-side as well as consider in preparation for birthing day. As music is such a personal thing, I highly recommend you spend some time browsing through iTunes or Spotify to find that musical sweet spot. Take some time leading up to the big day to listen and feel the tunes that really resonate for you and your bub. Goose-bump ripples of calm and soothing, a warm glowing feeling of heart happiness, as well as little kicks from the womb-dweller were usually the box tickers.

What I have found remarkable is how students and friends have always enquired about the same few artists and songs over the years. Below, are a few to get you started on your own little adventure down the rabbit hole. Oh, and word to the wise, if you’re off to the hospital to deliver the wee one, don’t forget the tunes at home. 😉

Super Magical Mamma Tunes – Craig Pruess & Ananda, 108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine
I fell in love with this at a little studio and was lucky enough to get my own copy. These tunes are blissful transportation regardless of your Sanskrit knowledge. Perfect for restorative, meditation and savasana.

Angel voice – Essential Snatam Kaur, Sacred Chants for Healing
I rocked and chanted with my girl in my womb to Ong Namo during meditation sessions prior to her debut. It was truly marvellous to see her little head turn once I played it after she was earthside. We still cuddle on to these when she’s not busy taking over the world or the lounge room. Many of these tunes were on my birthing day playlist.

If you just want a relaxed vibe, without the vocals, try Deuter
Sometimes this sounds a bit “spa-ish” to me but I find Deuter is pretty neutral to have on if I am feeling a bit overstimulated and need simple, soothing sounds. I have a few of his albums. Reiki Sound Healing is my fave. Nada Himalaya rocks during meditation sessions.

Sacred Earth = Australian Magic
Hmmm so blissful. A bit of mantra, gorgeous instruments. Feel the love. After all these years I still find Breathing Space, on the Call to the Divine album to be an amazing

Ambient, other-worldly chill’n try Divination by Akasha
I usually only listen to the first selection of songs that are more relaxing. Descent is a perfect 14:55 long. Just right for a nice meditation or savasana session when that’s all you have time for. The second suite of tunes is a bit robot doof-doof, but hey, perhaps you could use it for your next big rave after baby arrives.