Without hesitation I could relive the moment of seeing the double line on my pregnancy test stick. No drug could replicate the sheer rush of excitement that a baby was joining us; I giggle thinking back to my husband’s expression when I shared the news.

It was with a fluttering heartbeat that the realisation sunk in: a little soul has decided and is most certainly on the way. I’ve found the transition from conception to parenthood and beyond is one of the biggest chasms to cross, and it’s one I’ll be navigating for awhile yet.

As much as we like to focus on the joyous aspects of the mamma journey there will be times we’ll feel as though we’re being pushed to our edge physically, psychologically and emotionally. pregnant woman making heart shape with hands

From the disappointment of a negative pregnancy test to coping with nausea, the various physical discomforts of accommodating our darlings in the womb, to the devastation of losing a longed-for soul too soon, and to the moment of the journey through the birth canal or incision right to the merging of our lives as a family and what lies beyond, the dance of motherhood is a long, complex and beautiful one.

Mothering (and fathering, and creating anything really…) requires a very personal and attuned level of faith, trust and loving compassion to be receptive to our evolving roles as parents and women (and artists, leaders, ethical professionals, human beings, etc).

Caring for a completely dependent – and later on a very independent – being is about making space in our bodies, minds, lives and most importantly hearts. As mothers we come to the mat to remind ourselves that there is more space, we can return to the sense of ease in a moment, with a breath or a thought. The easiest way to get that freedom comes not from a reckless forcing or pushing, but from connecting with our breath, feeling into the tight spots, taking a moment and trusting that if we approach life with a soft awareness, that things will free up precisely as and when they need to.

In tomorrow’s prenatal class at the Nest on Silas I’ll be drawing your attention to this idea with some exploration in our asana, relaxation and meditation practices. We’ll play and welcome softness in when things might start to feel compressed, be it in your body, heart or mind. I’ll share some personal practices I’ve enjoyed that remind me to be gentle and create space with ease and acceptance.

My intention is that you will walk out of the class knowing that whatever pregnancy, birth and motherhood has in store for you and bubba, that you will find your way. And your beautiful little babies, whether they’re in the ether or your womb, can feel this gentle support from your before the earth-side day arrives.

I can assure you, this whole parenting gig, it is a delightful, lovely, challenging ride. And I wish you the best wherever you are in your adventure.

For those of you not attending or not pregnant, or perhaps without vaginas, how can you safely soften in your practice and in your life? And how might this serve you more adequately than the common default position in our hectic society of specific exertion. Have a play in the days ahead. When you have what I like to call a “tight moment” – most typically defined by something that you feel in your body in a day to day incident or discussion, how can you open up, find space and just trust that what happens next just will?

Yoga love to all,