Hi there and welcome. Well this blog was originally intended to be centred around yoga and all of the amazing yoga classes I was going to teach* whilst raising our one-year-old daughter, working part time as a fundraiser for an environmental charity and pursuing my other hobbies like cooking, writing, travelling and fitness.

But I’ve since realised, after having this blog for over a year and still not really feeling compelled to publish something yoga-centric, that perhaps I should just write for the sheer joy of writing. Inspired in part by Carrie Anne Snyder I’ve decided to take small chunks of time to write about whatever strikes my fancy.

In life PB (pre baby) I had this amazing luxury of time to journal and pretend that I was writing novels that would be optioned for blockbuster films that would enable our family to easily shift between our beach and mountainside properties smattered throughout the globe. 11 months into this whole motherhood thing I’ve realised the novels may be a long while coming, but at the very least I need to find something that allows me to plug into the creative urge. And maybe, one day, I can look back and enjoy this electronic treasure trove of life at this point, and that point, as our family evolves. And as I learn how to get this whole mom/mum thing sorted, which will likely be an ongoing saga.

I’m not sure how this whole adventure will turn out but I hope you enjoy.

*Refer to offerings page to see all of my brilliant ideas awaiting to unfold! For now, I happily offer my substitute teaching services….