Why Private Yoga Sessions?

Why Private Yoga Sessions?

In case you didn’t hear, everyone’s in love with yoga. Walk around any suburb in any major centre practically anywhere in the world and you’re sure to find a yoga studio. Check out the news agents and shops full of ample yoga mags, books, gear and accoutrements. And then online: tremendous online yoga sites like yogaglo, my yoga online and yoga today all offer fantastic classes led by inspirational and renowned teachers.

If you’ve been on the yoga train for awhile, or are thinking of hopping aboard, I’d suggest you consider adding something else to the yoga smorgasbord: private sessions. These are a perfect addition to your practice, whether you have been yoga-ing for years or days, are injured or fit as a fiddle, would like to mix up your practice or explore aspects that I may touch upon in class only briefly. Image

Here’s why I recommend private sessions:

  • I can really get to know you, your body and how it works
    During a typical class I am gazing throughout the class at a variety of people and am ensuring there are no major alignment or obvious physical issues. One on ones allow us to check in with how certain postures, alignments and practices affect you, and inform how I monitor you in class in future.
  • Adjusting adjustments
    As a student, I love adjustments from the teacher. As a teacher there’s a vast spectrum of people’s preferences adjustment and pressure-wise. It takes time for me to provide regular hands-on adjustments, as I need to attune and read each body. During a private session we can talk about this constructively. When you’re back in the weekly sessions, I can confidently adjust knowing we’ve had this dialogue, and you can relax and enjoy.
  • To go deeper and address your life
    Find yourself wanting to pipe up and ask a question about a certain posture, practice or concern in class but feel a bit intimidated? Though I do encourage open discussion during and after class, sometimes discussing and exploring during a one-on-one session just makes more sense. In one-on-ones we can explore postures, breath, meditation and relaxation that may assist you with current circumstances like stress, insomnia, injury, conception and pregnancy.
  • Specific Cross-Training for sporty peeps
    Training for a marathon or other big sporting event? I’m your woman. A sporadic practitioner before then, I became yoga-fied when I completed my first, and let’s face it probably last, marathon back in 2004. I’m convinced it’s the reason I ran an injury-free respectable time and also why I recovered so quickly. Yoga’s an excellent way to lift your game and support your body during other pursuits.
  • To add a new flavour
    Have you had the same home practice for months or years? Looking for some variations or new meditation or relaxation practices? As a vinyasa teacher I believe variety revitalises a dwindling practice. If you’re just getting started, we can determine your faves and work from there, establishing a sequence or two that can be the base of a flourishing home practice.

For those unable to attend weekly classes, buying a block of one-on-ones is the answer. With me coming to you, we can make sure you get your yoga Rx regularly. It’s a worthwhile investment in your physical and psychological health that cannot be replicated by logging on to a yoga class site.

So you can experience these benefits, I’m offering a special to students attending Sevenergy during the winter months. Stay tuned to this space, I will be making an announcement early next week!!

Oh, and p.s. I’m playing with the look of this site – would love your feedback! Happy Yoga-ing luvlies! xo