Pregnancy Yoga Pointers

New to the Prenatal class scene and looking for the low-down on how to get the most out of your class with your little womb buddy on board? Consider below a guide if you’re a practicing yogi newly pregnant who’d like to stick with your beloved regular yoga class... read more

Music Mentionables

Music, songs, and chanting are all powerful tonics to add to your yoga or meditation practice. Seventeen years into yoga and swapping musical faves with yogis and repeatedly approaching fellow teachers I have built my list of go-tos for those times a bit of music is a... read more

Give’n Props some Props!

No one should contort the body into inappropriately strained, squishy, or stressed shapes for a posture’s sake. There are a myriad variations of any pose, and using a block, strap or bolster to keep your body in that just right “sthira sukham” zone is the real way to yoga for the vast majority of yogis who do not have gymnastic or dance backgrounds.

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The Deceptive Due Date

Obsession with this mythical ‘deadline” has been a huge disservice to many women and their babies. As I’ve said in class, assuming that all pregnant women should go into labour by a specified date is as absurd as designating an age when every teenage girl should start menstruating or nominating stringent and exact days for childhood development.

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Do you really need a birth plan?

One time at a party, chatting with a few parenting folks and admiring a couple newly arrived cherubs, the topic unsurprisingly shifted to our birth experiences. I had a twinge of jealousy when one of the mums spoke of her twins’ vaginal birth, the second little nugget... read more