The physical parts of the body

Overall quality of life, including mental, physical, emotional, spiritual etc.

Soma Wellbeing was founded on the belief that movement is what makes us happy and more importantly, what our bodies were designed for. It can lift our mood when we’re down, give us perspective and peace when we’re feeling anxious and restless, as well as ground us when life feels like it’s getting on top of us.

Ironically, when we move our body, stillness becomes so much easier to embody. The mind calms, emotions stabalise and clarity presents itself. By taking the time to connect with our bodies, life’s dramas are less so if not solvable. Please join Angie and experience the benefits of movement through yoga at one of her classes or through a private session.

Image courtesy of Onesie & Co.

Image courtesy of Onesies & Co.

About Angie
Angie’s mission is to inspire positive change in people’s lives through a dedicated, conscious yoga practice. A practitioner since 1999, Angie holds an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching from the Academy of Yoga Learning in Melbourne, a Certificate in Prenatal Yoga with Janice Clarfield and a 100-hour intensive pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher training with Ana Davis of Bliss Baby.

She has also pursued additional study with Donna Fahri, Eionn Finn and Simon Borg-Olivier and maintains a keen interest in continued professional development. Angie is Mum to a beautiful little soul and enjoys writing, playing and having adventures both locally and abroad with her family.