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About me

Hi There! I’m Angie, and yoga has been a consistent part of my life since 1999. I offer Prenatal sessions at The Nest on Silas. I’m inspired by a flowing, vinyasa style but also enjoy teaching and practicing hatha, restorative and childrens’ yoga.

My passion

I believe yoga is an essential part of an awesome life. As a mum figuring out how to fit in all the fun, this is truer than ever.  I facilitate with a grounded, creative and inclusive style.

Yoga for All

I love how yoga can help everybody and every body: from mammas to desk jockeys and gym junkies to everyone in between. Yoga makes an astounding, positive difference, and I share from this perspective.

Pure Enjoyment

I practice and live yoga daily. Each time I’m on the mat, I’m enlivened, centred and replenished. I believe yoga is a magical tonic for all of life’s adventures. Please join me.

Music Mentionables

Music, songs, and chanting are all powerful tonics to add to your yoga or meditation practice. Seventeen years into yoga and swapping musical faves with yogis and repeatedly approaching fellow teachers I have built my list of go-tos for those times a bit of music is a...

Give’n Props some Props!

No one should contort the body into inappropriately strained, squishy, or stressed shapes for a posture’s sake. There are a myriad variations of any pose, and using a block, strap or bolster to keep your body in that just right “sthira sukham” zone is the real way to yoga for the vast majority of yogis who do not have gymnastic or dance backgrounds.

To yoga or not in the first trimester?

The more consecutive weeks you attend class and incorporate elements into your personal practice, the more you and your baby will reap benefits through pregnancy and beyond. Breath work, mudras, relaxation, meditation and asana’s potency surges with dedicated focus and practice.

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